About James Lejeune

It has been a childhood dream of mine to become a professional Illustrator. Since 2019 I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to create my own collection of illustrations.


I’m a very passionate artist and greatly inspired by historical and social events and problems trying to visually describe them to world. I spent a long time in my early years painting natural landscapes and wildlife, but now I’ve started to look more at current events and exploring this through sci-fi horror, satire and futuristic fantasy

How I like to create

I love to be creative, resourceful and using every thing around me to my advantage, using my intuitive to find solutions to problems. I like to use a few different mediums to create my unique art work depending on the project but do I favour ink, watercolours and oils to produce my illustrations.

I love to work with charcoal and find it extremely useful for working out composition and capturing ideas. I am now moving forward though, into the future using digital mediums to process my work when necessary and taking advantage of the technology now available to us.

Traditional pieces
Mainly working on hardboard, canvass
and wood for paintings or heavy paper (110gm+) for sketches, my style is usually described as expressive.

I verge between semi realism, experessive and dark artwork, I’m always looking to put a deeper meaning my art.
I the process takes about about 2 to 4 days from designing composition to finished piece.

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